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Blanca . Just wanted you to know that my Grandson who you tutored, I believe in 10th or 11th grade in Algebra is starting his senior year at UC Berkeley in International Business. He studied abroad in Switzerland this summer and now he is back at school. He had gone from weak in Algebra to taking the highest college math courses afforded him and carrying 21 units and being a 4.0 student. Also he was given the opportunity to teach a business course at Berkeley this semester. We are very proud and wanted you to know you helped him a lot.

Sincerely. W. B

When I started Calculus 1, I was barely passing. I didn't know how to study for the class and I was not doing well. I started seeing Blanca, and she not only taught me the subject, but also study skills necessary for doing well in math. I ended up with a B in Calculus 1. I continued to see her through the next two Calculus classes, and she helped me earn A's in both. Thanks Blanca!


Blanca is amazing! She tutored me in Calculus Two and Three, and she helped me do very well in those classes. Before having her as a tutor, I hated math; after having Blanca, I love the subject!


My son was struggling in Spanish 2 as a sophomore at FHS. I realized it only toward the end of the semester when he was almost failing. Although it was late, I still decided to get some tutoring help. We were so fortunate to have found Blanca ! She managed to help him pull up his grade to a B, within just a few weeks before finals. My son liked her right away, as she is very positive, encouraging and gave him real hope that he can do better. She taught him study techniques that he has been able to use successfully in his other classes as well. So, indirectly, she helped improve grades in other classes as well! I've had other tutors for other classes and have seen little to no improvement. But with Blanca , the improvement in grade is quite miraculous! After 1.5 years with her, he's almost an A student in Spanish 3! She teaches not only to read and write, but also speak in Spanish. She's also flexible with her schedule and makes extra time for students before big exams, so they are ready and feel confident.


We are very pleased with Blanca's math tutoring with both our daughters. Our older daughter took summer classes with Blanca in order to skip pre-Algebra. Because of Blanca's tutoring, she did well in the challenge test and skipped pre-Algebra. Blanca teaches in a way that kids understand key concepts easily and retain them. Overall, we are extremely happy with Blanca.

Ram and Sun

We came to Blanca for my son who was struggling in Spanish III. She was very accommodating, even on short notice. She suggested a small group arrangement for my son and he came home from the first session eager to go back. Blanca has a great ability to make the sessions fun and helpful. He feels much more confident in class especially when speaking in Spanish. The review classes held prior to the final exams are especially helpful. I am thankful that we have found Blanca.


My Folsom Tutor has been the true difference maker during our son's sophomore year! Don't wait for a crisis like we did during his freshman year. My Folsom Tutor can give your kids the tools to be successful in the classroom and beyond! -

Dean & Amy Deguara

Our son was a huge procrastinator when it came to getting his homework done and therefore his grades suffered. Blanca not only has helped our son improve his grades in Geometry and Spanish II, she has helped him develop disciplined study habits. It has been such a relief not to constantly have to tell him to do his homework all year. He now does it on his own! -

Dean & Amy Deguara

“After a couple months of tutoring, our daughter got her first A+ on a big Algebra I test and she was much more confident about her ability to learn Algebra.”


Blanca Zantout is a true professional with great communication, dedicated classroom facilities, and commitment to her service. Our first impression was that she had a genuine passion for teaching and that impression has been confirmed. She has made a positive connection with Parker and has inspired him toward an academic discipline and work ethic that has produced results. Blanca has a graceful and friendly demeanor that we truly appreciate. We would certainly recommend her to other Folsom families in need of tutoring services.

Brian and Anna Boone

Blanca helped my daughter tremendously in Geometry this year. She is extremely patient and encourages her students in a positive manner to strive for their goals. Not only did she help my daughter have a very successful year in math but also helped her gain confidence with her overall test taking skills.

We highly recommend Blanca as a tutor.


We came to Blanca at the last moment in the school year for tutoring in Algebra 2 for our son. It had been a more difficult and frustrating second semester and he needed help in prepping for the final. With the few sessions Tristan had with Blanca, he pulled an A on the two part final and ended the year with a B+ in the class. He felt instantly comfortable with her and confident in all the reviewing for the final. We couldn't thank Blanca enough for her efforts and her tutoring is excellent. We will keep her in mind for the future and will definitely recommend her to anyone we know.

Thank you Thank you!!

S. Trumbull

Blanca has taught both my fifth grader and 6th grader in Math. What I love about her way is that she teaches them to be independent and give them ways to learn and study on their own. They both went to Blanca then developed to be A students.

Thanks Blanca for all you do.


We tried every tutoring organization in town and weren't happy with the teaching methods or results. Most seemed to be geared toward grade school students. Then we found Blanca. Our only regret is that we found her so late in our daughters' high school careers. Blanca is fantastic. Our daughter "gets it" when Blanca teaches it. We are devoted clients for the next two years until our youngest graduates. -

Rochelle Barcellona

Blanca is an amazing tutor that has helped my son not only with his Spanish 2 and Algebra 2, but with his confidence and belief in himself that he can do it!  She has cleared up many concepts in one hour that he didn't understand all year at school.  I hope that Blanca tutors for the next 10 years so that all my kids will benefit from her vast knowledge in multiple subjects!


Thank you so much for helping my son with math. He had struggled for 2 years with high school math (not to mention middle school). I have had other tutors in the past that weren't good at teaching and my son didn't get better grades, in fact, he fought me every time he had to go begging me to let him quit. I felt it was a hopeless cause but as a parent we never give up and I'm glad I didn't cause I found you. Not only did you help him understand math and get a great grade but you engaged him in a way that he really enjoyed going to the sessions, which as we know encourages learning.

Thanks again you are the best!


“ Blanca is an excellent tutor.  My son needed help with Math in Middle school, she helped him with his homework and prepared him for test.  He made so much progress, it was amazing. He was always looking forward to his tutoring classes and he understood the way she explained things.  My son went to different tutoring places prior to Blanca... my husband and I weren't happy about their methods of teaching.  Blanca cares...She is truly the best tutor and we would definitely recommend Blanca to parents whom children are struggling in math.”

Blanca, we really appreciate all you help...

Thank you so much.

The Christies


Brooke just got her math grade for the semester and it was a B with an O in citizenship. She was so thrilled and so are we! You helped her not only with the math piece but also in developing a greater confidence in a subject she has always struggled with. Thank you for your investment in her. We would like to continue in the Fall but not sure of what her schedule is going to be yet? It is difficult to commit to anything at this time but I will get in touch with you as we know more about her classes and needs.

Thank you so much! Enjoy your summer!

Lisa Thompson

Blanca is an amazing tutor. I have gone through a few different tutors prior to meeting Blanca, but none of come close in comparison to Blanca's teaching methods, positive attitude, and genuine intention to help her student to the maximum potential. She has tutored me through college Chemistry and Calculus and has made a difference since day one.

I appreciate everything you have done for me! Thanks SO much Blanca!


"Blanca is excellent tutor for anyone who needs help in any middle or high school subjects. She has been teaching our kids for the last two years and we are very happy with her tutoring style. Her engineering background was very useful to help understand the student’s problems and provide help to kids in Math, Spanish and Science. We would not hesitate to recommend Blanca to any parents who need help for their kids."

Ravi & Hema

"Blanca is an exceptional teacher and she is very professional.

My son has improved his Math skills and it shows in his report card.

We are so proud of him. He considers Math his favorite subject now but before going to Blanca, it caused a lot of frustrations and tears. He even look forward to his tutorial lessons and enjoy the learning process. We are so thankful and lucky to find Blanca in our lives.  I would recommend her to anyone who are struggling in their studies and even for those who wants to advance their knowledge and skills. Thank you so much Blanca and family! We appreciate you so much!"   


Mia, Bruce and Ace

"Blanca took great time and attention while tutoring my 15 year old son in Geometry.  She helped him with his homework and also provided extra worksheets once homework was completed.  My son's grade in Geometry improved during the time Blanca was my son's tutor.  I would definitely recommend Blanca."

Hope all is well Blanca.  Have a nice holiday.
Megan Shanahan

"Thank you Blanca for making Spanish so easy and enjoyable to learn!

It really helps in our business by getting our points across and get the job done correctly.

It also develops good rapport within our company.  

I look forward to learn more  Spanish with you!" 

Muchas Gracias, Mia

"we tried 5 different math tutors before we found Blanca. She has improved my daughter's grades, and best of all her confidence!

Blanca's gift is that she is both a skilled teacher and a mathematician"


Dan Biddle

"We came to Blanca for my son who was studying Trigonometry. She was very accommodating, even on short notice. She always made time for him before big tests. He found her easy to work with, and to understand. His understanding and confidence in the subject grew after every session!! "

Thank you again!!

S. Gonzalez

To Whom It May Concern,

We would highly recommend Blanca Zantout for tutoring math of any type to your child!

We interviewed several different tutors from different local agencies. None of them were as professional, caring, and highly knowledgeable Blanca is.

Blanca has a way about her that is firm yet warm, patient, and fun! She also is very organized, and she really cares about our daughter doing well at her own pace.

My daughter is in 7th grade and she is working on Pre-Algebra. She held a C- to a D- for the first 2 trimesters in this class. Our daughter was going to tutorials at school every Tuesday morning for the entire year before we hired Blanca. .... Since then, our daughter just received an A on her last test! She understands the concepts and Blanca has taught her how to work each process. This is huge, as our daughter was failing every test and had to re-take them all! We strongly agree that Blanca and her fun loving nature have taught our daughter how to study, know the subject, and have raised her GPA!  


Jim and Leslie


I just wanted to let you know that DQ scored a 94 out of 100 on his  last test!!!!!  His first A all

year.  Without your help that would not have been  possible!!! 

Thank you very much for all that you have done,

I look forward to the continued success!!!!! 

Have a great weekend and see you next week. 


To whom it may concern,

Blanca has been a wonderful tutor for my 15 year old daughter.  She has been a very positive influence on my daughter and helped her with math and other studying techniques.  She has a very positive and can do attitude which has brushed off onto my daughter.  Blanca takes the time to listen and is always available for her students.  She is flexible if something urgent comes up and is willing to work with her student's schedule.  I would absolutely recommend Blanca as a tutor for any age group.



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